Create the one of a kind Engagement Ring, and custom jewelry piece that will withhold the test of time and that will be passed on to generation to generation knowing that it is a one of a kind piece of jewelry that you and our expert jewelry designers will craft.


From concept to form our custom jewelry designers can make the jewelry of your dreams.


How much does custom jewelry cost ?
The cost varies from piece to piece, depending on material and design.

How is custom Jewelry made ? 
We get together with the customer and come up with an idea of what they want. The inspiration can come from an old piece they used to have or something they saw, but would make a few changes to it.  We would then draw up an image of the design.  We make the mold for the piece and start building.


Custom Updates


Our Jewelers worked there magic on this piece. Client wanted to add the diamonds from their gold ring to their white gold keepsake charm of their loved ones thumb print.

If you can imagine it we can make it. Contact us today